Frequently Asked Questions

How does IPTV service hd work?

IPTV Service hd works on an Amazon Fireboxes, Amazon Firesticks, Android tv boxes, Android tablets, and Android phones.

Purchase an IPTV Service subscription from us, download the required software for your device from the download section on the menu tab, install it on your tv box, connect tv box to the internet, start the app, then access all the channels in the list.

An IPTV Service subscription, Amazon Fire TV box/Amazon Firestick (or other Android box), TV, internet connection is required to watch Live TV channels, without the hassle of installing a big dish or having cable as required by all other providers.

Can you test IPTV before ordering?

We offer a FREE 3 day test of IPTV Service.

What internet speed does IPTV need?

IPTV runs well with 2 mbps, but 4mbps is better.

What channels can I watch via IPTV?

IPTV channels include ALL EPL (English Premier League) channels, UK, Italia, Greece, Turkey, Arabic, Germany, Cyprus and many more.

Does IPTV Service come with EPG function?

Yes, the majority of IPTV channels come with 7 days EPG (electronic programme guide).

Can i watch football or other sports games via IPTV?

Yes, IPTV subscriptions feature all UK sports channels, EPL channels, sky sports channels and PAY PER VIEW EVENTS ON SKY.

What levels of subscription does IPTV offer?

IPTV subscription are available in 1/3/6/12 months.

If I have my own android box, can I buy an IPTV Service subscription only?

Yes, if you have your own box, you can purchase IPTV Service subscription codes only.

Can I share an IPTV Service subscription on another device?

One IPTV Service code only works on one device. Once the code is activated, it can NOT work on other box.


Why does my code can not work?

If it says “ invalid code” it means either:

  • the code is NOT valid, Please make sure you enter the correct code.
  • You have installed the wrong apk version, please install android box required version for your android tv box, android tv, phone or android phone/ tablet.
  • Your box maybe not compatible.

The majority of Android tv boxes are compatible with IPTV Service subscriptions.

If it says “card is already used” this means either:

  • IPTV Service code is already used by other android tv box
  • You have already used the IPTV Service code on your TV box.

If it says “free package can be used only once”.

  • IPTV Service FREE code can be used only once on one device.

If it says “ recharge fail”

  • Recharge fail maybe an internet connection problem, please try again later, or try to restart your wifi / Router, then retry.